Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant Eligibility

What counts as the New York Metropolitan area?
Please refer to this map to find out if your home or anticipated college is within the New York Metropolitan area.

I am not a United States citizen. Am I eligible to apply?
The Milton Fisher Scholarship does not have a citizenship requirement. You can apply for the scholarship if you have or will graduate from high school in the United States.

I'm a gap year student and am planning to attend my first year of college next fall. Am I eligible to apply?
You're eligible to apply as long as you will be a first-time college student and next fall will be your first year of college. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS:
1.) Select Highschool Senior in the eligibility form on the application.
2.) List your high school, not the college you plan to attend, in the Contact and School Information section of the application.

I’m going back to school after graduating OR I left school before finishing my degree and I’m going back to finish. Am I eligible to apply?
No, this scholarship is only awarded to incoming or current first-time college freshmen.

Are grades considered when selecting applications?
This scholarship is not tied to academic achievement. Scholarships are awarded to applicants who have demonstrated exceptional innovation and creativity through the development of a solution to a problem faced by their family, school, community, or the world.

I applied for this once before and was not selected or I only got an honorable mention. May I apply again?
Yes, as long as you still meet the eligibility requirements AND your application is for a different project.

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